Country Haiku highlights

Some of the best submissions from our Country Haiku contest.

By Salon Staff
August 10, 2005 12:10AM (UTC)
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Well, you all sure are witty. Here are some of our favorite Country Haiku from the submissions we've made it through so far.

George Long goes for the pun:

Old smoke and cheap beer
I'm broke for another week
The jukebox has Cash

As does Eran Hanke:


Icicle hearted
She left me haggard as Merle
Howling with my dog

David Singer, himself an excellent musician (check out "Social Studies," from his recent record "The Stars Burn Out"), sends this:

There's dust in Hank's voice
He sings me sad cowboy songs
While I push a mop


Timothy Buntel addresses the plight of the blue-state fan of red-state music:

Alone in my car
(while still a good Democrat)
I can sing country

Leslie Perkins gets bonus points for at least alluding to Patty Loveless' delightfully absurd "Timber, I'm Falling in Love" (seven syllables, you'll notice, and could have been the second line of a really excellent haiku):


Weeping willow;
Timber of my longing heart,
Falling for you.

And Tom Allen gets right to the point:

Strummin' my guitar
And I'm drinking some JD

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