Daily Download: "Please Stand Up," British Sea Power

A grand and spacious song that could become an indie-to-mainstream hit.

By Salon Staff
August 10, 2005 12:05AM (UTC)
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British Sea Power is eccentric in style but not necessarily in music, and this song, from their second record, "Open Season," is glorious pop, spacious and vast, but sweetly innocent rather than grandiose, and saturated with optimism. It doesn't take much to imagine "Please Stand Up" becoming an indie-to-mainstream hit like Modest Mouse's "Float On," but the backing doesn't seem to be there, and it doesn't help that it was, absurdly, banned from MTV for the lyric "a little excitement makes us all wetter, wetter." You can watch that (very innocent) video here. It's simple but wonderfully evocative of the space and hopefulness of the song.

Salon Staff

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