Country Haiku

Tomorrow, the winner! Today, more Country Haiku highlights.

By Salon Staff
August 12, 2005 12:25AM (UTC)
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Tomorrow's the big day, when we award the Sony Dream Station to a master of the obscure but vibrant poetic form, the country music-themed haiku. In the meantime, here are some more of our favorite submissions.

From Jim Tragos:

Twelve beers and three chords;
The keys to reinventing
Most of life's failures.


Hans Fischmann decided to go for some shameless pandering to our contest co-sponsor:

Cash and Dixie Chicks
Patty Loveless and Waylon
Sony Nashville Rocks!

Many people addressed the red-state, blue-state issue. Some of the best in that category were from Bob Glickstein:


Add a slide guitar
And suddenly my band is
Ignored on both coasts?

Thomas Cunningham:

Catchy Country tunes
Why think? Just hum along, son
Another Bush vote

And Jason Cother:

Two countries: red, blue
Dixie Chicks or Toby Keith
So, which one are you?


As usual, the smartass gets the last word. From Mark Dugas:

Sweet sounds of country
Country country country dang
The CD is scratched

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