Daily Download: "In a Manner of Speaking," Nouvelle Vague

A bossa nova take on a new-wave song, featuring an exceptionally sexy vocal performance.

By Salon Staff
August 22, 2005 11:01AM (UTC)
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Regular readers will recall that I was pleasantly surprised, shocked even, to find that the Nouvelle Vague (bossa nova versions of new wave classics) record was not only not an execrable piece of gimmickry, but was even, gasp, really good. Their version of the Clash's "Guns of Brixton" is already available for free download, but I'm really delighted to offer an exclusive download of the best track on the record, a slow bossa nova take on Tuxedomoon's "In a Manner of Speaking." It's the singing, by Parisian artist Camille (a little more information about her here), that makes this track so exceptional, a slyly, meltingly phrased performance that is the vocal equivalent of a private striptease.

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