Daily Download: "Eyes That Won't Meet Mine," the Del McCoury Band

An exclusive download from a venerated master of traditional bluegrass.

By Salon Staff
August 24, 2005 11:01AM (UTC)
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For decades now, Del McCoury has been the go-to guy for traditional bluegrass -- not the old-time inflected bluegrass of Ralph Stanley, but bluegrass the way Bill Monroe invented it, high and lonesome, and marked by steely professionalism. McCoury is now 66, but he's not slowing down any, and while his band plays, as always, with precision and virtuousity, it's his tense, pinched voice that's the real attraction, especially when he takes it up high and, for a thrilling moment, lets go of the unflagging discipline of the music to let in a gasp of wild abandon. This exclusive download is from McCoury's latest, "The Company We Keep."

Salon Staff

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