The Iraqis miss another deadline

How will the Bush administration spin this setback?

By T.g.
August 25, 2005 7:19PM (UTC)
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When Iraqi leaders missed their first deadline for completing a draft constitution, George W. Bush hailed their "heroic efforts." When they missed their second deadline, the White House said they were making "another step forward in Iraq's constitutional process."

We can only wonder how the Bush administration will spin today's news.


Today brings the second extended deadline for an Iraqi constitution, and a spokesman for the National Assembly has just announced that the body will not be meeting at all. According to an Associated Press report, there is no word as to when the National Assembly might meet again. And even if it does meet again, it's unclear whether the National Assembly would have any authority to act. Some Sunni opponents to the process argue that the interim constitution required the National Assembly either to adopt a constitution or dissolve by Aug. 15 or, at the latest, by Aug. 22, the date on which the first extended deadline ran.



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