Best of Salon: 1995-1996

From hackers and the giant squid to George Sanders and O.J. Simpson, a potpourri of memorable pieces from our first year.

Published November 5, 2005 12:07PM (EST)

Hanging Separately
Black and white relations have hit rock bottom. Where do we go from here?
A Salon roundtable

Ill Humor
Welcome to the fast-growing field of "Fast Growing Fields".
By Ian Shoales

Mitnick's malice, Simomura's chivalry
Three books on the celebrated hacker case debunk one another's myths.
By Scott Rosenberg

Getting high with a little help from "Friends"
In the sedentary '90s, TV has taken the place of rock 'n' roll.
By Joyce Millman

Freudian FlameWars
The Memory Wars: Freud's Legacy in Dispute.
By Laura Miller

Heart of Darkness
Anthropologist Philippe Bourgois went deeper into America's crack culture than anyone before him. Too deep.
By Gary Kamiya


Personal Best: The Books that changed our lives
Reading is a simultaneously glorified and neglected art.
By Laura Miller

Sluts and addicts
Why two of Hollywood's most talented actresses are taking the low road to acclaim.
By Laura Miller

The tulip superhighway and the flower bed ahead
With the financial markets heading for either Alpha Centauri or the bowels of hell, it's interesting to turn one's thoughts to tulips.
By Douglas Cruickshank

Too Thoroughly Modern for Mille
At this pivotal moment in time, I made Fatally Dumb Assumption #1: Somebody from Mademoiselle had read my writing, and liked it!
By Cintra Wilson

Crisis in Critville
Why you cant trust book reviews.
By Dwight Garner

You, sir, are an unmitigated cad!
An appreciation of George Sanders.
By Gary Kamiya

What fresh Kinkos is this?
This place sucks. A customer behind me in line.
By Carina Chocano

Why baby boomers hate Bill Clinton  and themselves.
By Todd Gitlin

Bob Woodward: Stenographer to the stars
America's foremost investigative reporter once again demonstrates the hollow core of "access" journalism.
By Christopher Hitchens

Hero of a thousand work spaces
Scott Adams' "Dilbert" escapes from his cubicle to the bestseller list.
By Scott Rosenberg

But enough about us
Incest and the memoirization of American fiction.
By Laura Miller

Angels of sex
How a new breed of prostitutes are turning stigma into stigmata.
By Carol Lloyd

Sistahood is lucrative
The success of Terry McMillan has spawned a whole new breed of black, middle-class women novelists.
By Dwight Garner

Catching up with William Gibson
Science fiction meets cyber space.
By Scott Rosenberg

In search of the giant squid
On the eve of a historic expedition, an interview with an expert on the earth's most enigmatic monster.
By Laura Miller

By Salon Staff

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