Just in time for your holiday giving ...

The Scooter Libby legal defense fund is open for business and soliciting contributions.

Published November 9, 2005 3:24PM (EST)

The holidays are bearing down on us, and -- if you're anything like us -- you'll soon be searching around for a place to send a contribution in lieu of a gift for somebody on your list. Today's New York Times arrives with one idea: The Scooter Libby defense fund is now open for business.

The Times says that Republican communications strategist Barbara Comstock "has been hired" -- nice use of the passive voice, there -- to work with Libby's defense team. She's pulling together a list of potential donors and has started to contact some of them, the Times says. The good news? Because Libby has stepped down from his government job, there's no limit on how much you can contribute. The bad news? So far, at least, the plan seems to be to keep the identities of contributors secret.

That means it will be hard to make a big splash with your gift. On the other hand, maybe you won't want to. A new Pew Research Center poll finds that 79 percent of the public thinks the Libby indictment is "very important" to the nation. In September 1998, only 65 percent of the public had a similar view of the allegations against Bill Clinton.

By Tim Grieve

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