What "loose behavior" gets women in Iran

A father attacked his two daughters -- killing one -- after they were spotted partying.

Published November 16, 2005 4:26PM (EST)

The Middle East Times has a short report today about an Iranian man who appeared in court after attacking his two daughters. Enraged by his 27- and 22-year-old daughters' "loose behavior," the retired teacher stabbed his children with a kitchen knife after they reportedly came home very late one night.

"For a long time I was feeling disgraced by my daughters' social lives," the 58-year-old father said in court earlier this week.

His eldest daughter died of her wounds. The younger one survived, but her hands are paralyzed. She was stabbed 53 times.

Will the father pay for his crimes? The article doesn't say, but it does note that a father can kill his children in Iran without facing execution. Broadsheet will keep you updated.

By Hillary Frey

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