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What Tom DeLay used to say about Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Published November 29, 2005 2:49PM (EST)

With a tip of the War Room Kevlar Helmet to the indispensable Crooks and Liars, let's roll back the tape to June 2005 to hear what Tom DeLay, who was still the House majority leader, had to say about Republican Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, who was still denying that he accepted bribes in exchange for legislative favors. "Duke Cunningham is a hero," DeLay told reporters in June. "He is an honorable man of high integrity."

Cunningham resigned Monday after admitting that he took at least $2.4 million in bribes from a defense contractor and others. He's vowing to cooperate with an ongoing federal investigation, leaving one to wonder how many more "heroes" of "high integrity" will fall before it's all over. Over at Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall is naming names -- and one of them belongs to Florida Republican and 2000 election "hero" Katherine Harris.

By Tim Grieve

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