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"There's only one thing better than having a baby, and that's having a smart baby."

Published December 15, 2005 7:30PM (EST)

An update: It seems that in our haste to post an earlier appraisal of infant education videos, we missed the chance to direct readers to an amazing -- and truly frightening -- article on the same topic in today's New York Times. Since the gist of the story is the same as the Chicago Tribune piece, we'll just leave you with this quote from Naira Soibatian, mother of 11-month-old Jetta.

"We own everything electronic that's educational -- LeapFrog, Baby Einstein, everything. She has an HP laptop, bigger than mine. I know one leading baby book says, very simply, it's a waste of money. But there's only one thing better than having a baby, and that's having a smart baby. And at the end of the day, what can it hurt?"

Right. Having a healthy baby, or a happy baby, just doesn't compare with having a smart one.

By Sarah Karnasiewicz

Sarah Karnasiewicz is a freelance writer and photographer based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Until recently, she was senior editor at Saveur magazine; prior to that she was deputy Life editor at Salon. She has contributed to the New York Times, the New York Observer and Rolling Stone, among other publications. For more of her work, visit and Signs and Wonders.

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