Adam Corolla: Busted!

A feminist magazine editor tells the former "Man Show" host his face is like an "ass."

By Lori Leibovich
Published December 20, 2005 1:00PM (EST)

Broadsheet loves it when magazine editors just, like, go off.

In the December/January issue of Bust, editor Debbie Stoller rips into Adam Corolla. It seems that the "Man Show" and "Loveline" veteran has a new home-improvement show to promote -- in addition to his gig hosting Comedy Central's "Too Late With Adam Corolla" -- and posters bearing what Stoller calls his "unbearable ass face" are plastered on construction scaffolding near Bust's Manhattan offices.

"Adam Corolla, with his perpetual show-me-your-tits sneer, giant Pez-like teeth, and dude-fro that make him resemble a Brady brother missing link. Adam Corolla, so much of whose schtick involves discussing what does or does not make a woman sexually attractive. Hey Adam, people who live in ass houses shouldn't throw stones. If there was a woman as unattractive as Adam Corolla on television, she'd probably be the first on his list of people to ridicule. But of course, there would never be a woman as unattractive as Adam Corolla on television, because unattractive women aren't allowed on TV. And if, by some miracle, there was an unattractive woman on TV, she'd be playing 'the unattractive woman.' She certainly wouldn't be given her own late-night talk show, let alone two TV shows at the same time."

As her editor's letter winds down, Stoller manages to see the bright side of Corolla's menacing mug. "These damn posters give all of us here at Bust H.Q. even more motivation to hitch up our bra straps and work on putting out a magazine in which women -- our concerns and our pleasures -- totally rule."

Lori Leibovich

Lori Leibovich is a contributing editor at Salon and the former editor of the Life section.

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