Women look into the future (of the media)

Rachel Sklar at Fishbowl NY gets some smart ladies to talk about the media in 2006

By Hillary Frey

Published December 30, 2005 9:19PM (EST)

Broadsheet wants to give props to Rachel Sklar at Fishbowl NY for, well, just being really awesome. Today, she notes that her employer, Mediabistro, published an article called "2006: A Media New Year" which offered media predictions from a eleven industry critics and experts -- all of whom were male!

"Now, I have no doubt that the omission was unintentional," writes Sklar. "But that is still unacceptable, especially when there are so many intelligent, savvy, qualified and witty women who know the industry and have smart, informed opinions. It's also an appalling message to send to the thousands of people who visit Mediabistro every day."

Right on. To correct the balance, Sklar offers "2006: The Year in Media Predictions," as made by a "bevy of smart, expert industry observers and participants who also just happen to be female." The commentary is great  often hilarious. (Broadsheet's own Lynn Harris kicks off the list.)

We're out, soon. So happy New Year, Broadsheet readers! Send us new tips for '06 at broadsheet@salon.com

Hillary Frey

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