Abramoff: There's more where that came from

In pleading guilty, the GOP lobbyist says he hasn't told all -- yet.

Published January 3, 2006 9:38PM (EST)

We've just made our way through the 29-page plea agreement Jack Abramoff signed today. There's a lot in there -- Abramoff's promise to cooperate with federal prosecutors, hints about the kind of sentence Abramoff will ultimately get, and detailed admissions about the ways in which Abramoff cheated his clients even as he was paying off a member of Congress on their behalf.

It's intriguing reading for anyone, at least once you get past the legal boilerplate at the beginning, and it winds up with a real cliffhanger for members of Congress who might be sweating just a little now. "The preceding statement is a summary, made for the purposes of providing the court with a factual basis for my guilty plea to the charges against me," Abramoff writes. "It does not include all the facts known to me concerning criminal activity in which I and others engaged."

By Tim Grieve

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