Toadies to the rescue!

O'Reilly attacks Letterman with fuzzy-brained lapdogs.

By Kl

Published January 5, 2006 4:16AM (EST)

We were excited to see how Bill O'Reilly would spin his Letterman appearance Wednesday night. He'd had a whole day to marshal the mythical evil armies of Fox to come up with something really good. Would he expose something from Letterman's personal life, like he's threatened to do to Frank Rich and Bill Keller? Maybe he'd challenge Letterman to a fight! Yeah! Maybe he'd make Christopher Lowell dress up like Cindy Sheehan, then fight him! Yeah! Yeah!

Imagine our disappointment when we had to settle for the tired hallelujah chorus of Juan Williams and "entertainment journalist" Jeanne Wolf, who O'Reilly hauled out to kiss his boo-boos. I think I actually heard Williams compare Letterman to a serial killer, but I'm not sure, because the only thing that runs through my mind when I watch him grovel on Fox is: Just how much did your soul cost, Juan?

By Kl


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