Crazy like a Cruise

An aspiring actress's insane devotion to all things Tom.

Published January 14, 2006 1:05AM (EST)

As Broadsheet signs off for the weekend, some Friday fun, courtesy of Nerve's Scanner:

"If you want to meet a crazy celebrity, all you have to do is act crazy. This young woman [named Niki Yan] in China wrote a book called 'My Love For You, Tom Cruise.' And when he heard about it, he asked to meet her. Let's take a look at her website, and its plans for their marriage on Mars:

"Tom dresses like a Monk, Me dressed like a Nun. But I haven't discussed that with Tom yet. Maybe he wants to be a fish (did I say my wedding day was on Halloween?) After all, Tom is his own man, he can choose any dress he likes."

Yan's site,, offers more wedding details ("Oprah Winfrey is invited but not George W. Bush") and Cruise shout-outs like "Tom is such a human."

It would all seem kind of sad, except that Yan seems to be parlaying her love into some unique business opportunities. An aspiring actress, she has been featured on the E! network, has been signed up for a tour of Scientology's Celebrity Center in Los Angeles and is reportedly hawking a screenplay about her Cruise encounters.

By Page Rockwell

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