MSNBC pundit-comedians joke about "Bareback Mounting" and "Fudgepack Mountain."

By Kl

Published January 23, 2006 7:15PM (EST)

Regular guys Don Imus and Chris Matthews sat around and cracked manly about "Brokeback Mountain" this morning on Imus's radio show, which also is broadcast on MSNBC. Along the way, Imus speculated on what "real cowboys" think of the film, Matthews relayed that nutcase Michael Savage calls the film "Bareback Mounting" (ha!), Imus called it "Fudgepack Mountain" (ho!), and both reassured the other that he had not seen the film. OK, we get it. Ignore the sorry dye job and vegan diets, you're serious macho men. (GLAAD complains about the show here.)

By Kl

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