Daily Download: "Hold On," Magnet

Published February 2, 2006 8:01AM (EST)

Norway's Even Johansen, aka Magnet, plays indie-pop lite with enough ingratiating, inconspicuous charm to have landed him spots on a number of TV shows ("The OC," "Six Feet Under," etc.), but despite the essentially boring nature of most of this music, he manifests moments of real brilliance. This song, the opening track from his second full-length, "The Tourniquet," has a couple of them: the final chorus, when a slew of overdubbed Beach Boys-style vocals elevate the bubbling, feel-good electronic pop, and a sonic thrill near the opening, when Johansen's voice and banjo are unexpectedly joined by a screaming analog synth, synth strings, a distant drum (maybe even a timpani?) and a harp in a moment of semi-orchestral grandeur.

By Salon Staff

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