You're killing us, Shizuka

Hanky time: The gold-medal-winning figure-skating performance.

By Kl

Published February 24, 2006 2:45PM (EST)

Japan's Shizuka Arakawa won the Olympic gold in figure skating last night performing to Puccini's "Turandot," which always makes us sob like a wee little baby. Why? Because it's a beautiful opera with a reaffirming message about the redemptive power of love, that's why. We cried at the opening ceremonies when Pavarotti sang "Nessun Dorma" from "Turandot," too -- it's apparently the official soundtrack for Big Emotion at these games. (What's that? You find the music to be a little sicky sweet and overused -- a cliche, perhaps? That's interesting. Have you ever considered that maybe it's because you don't really know how to feel? Or to love? Just a thought.)

Someone uploaded Arakawa's performance below if you missed it last night, or just want another good cry. If you want to keep crying, you can try and watch Sasha Cohen's stumbling performance that cost her the gold here (though the video on NBC Olympics' site has never worked for us), or you can watch this NBC retrospective on the career of that most tragic of Olympic divas, the beloved Michelle Kwan, which NBC scored to -- what else? -- the heartbreaking strains of "Turandot."

By Kl


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