Movie Moment No. 2: "Wedding Crashers"

Vince Vaughn, lovable louche.

By Kl

Published February 28, 2006 8:36PM (EST)

Oh sure, get all stoic about "Crash" -- give us the "Crashers" any day. Come on, admit it: You laughed so hard throughout this slick Hollywood entertainment that you embarrassed yourself. And in picking out the most memorable moment ... where to start? The great "Shout!" dance montage? The night when Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) is strapped to a bed and continually molested (trust us if you didn't see it; it's hilarious). Jane Seymour's great turn as a lascivious mother of the bride?

We picked the scene below because it highlights Vaughn's great manic magic as Jeremy, a louche you should hate, but can't. As Stephanie Zacharek wrote last year, "He gets laughs by keeping us a little tense -- there's something about him that makes us wonder if he's going to blow at any minute ... his deadpan audacity is so big it practically explodes the confines of the screen."

By Kl


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