Tyra flips out

Tyra Banks comes clean about her deep, dark fears.

By Kl
March 2, 2006 8:52PM (UTC)
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We remain absorbed with Tyra Banks' baby Oprah routine; we're convinced that if you could bottle her determination, it may smell like hell but could surely move mountains. Still, we doubt she'll ever truly inherit the big O's Sister-Girl mantle. For starters, Oprah does, even with her kagillions, speak to the common folk. She's overcome horrific childhood experiences and regularly grapples with the big issues of the day with true compassion. Tyra was a teen sitcom star and supermodel, and concerns herself with people's fear of . . . pennies. And her own fear, which she revealed recently on her own show. A big shout-out to Scott Peterman for sending this in.



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