Pope: It's right to question women's role

Pope Benedict hints that there may be "more space" for women in the Roman Catholic Church.

Published March 4, 2006 1:46AM (EST)

Thursday, Pope Benedict suggested that there might be room for women to hold higher positions of power in the Roman Catholic Church, according to a Reuters report. The pope made his comments during a meeting with priests after he was asked to explain the church's reasoning behind the lack of women in "governing roles." The pope responded in part by saying, "It is right to ask oneself if more space, more positions of responsibility, can be given to women, even in the ministerial services."

His statements were somewhat vague, but hopeful. Not too surprisingly, the pope didn't exactly suggest that the church was ready to ordain female priests, but I suppose it is better that the question is being asked at all. The pope's statement -- despite its relative ambiguity -- does seem somewhat promising at the end of a week rife with depressing news for pro-choicers. (In case you missed it, check out Broadsheet's coverage, of antiabortion legislation in South Dakota, Mississippi and Missouri. Also, check out these fun nuggets about a Domino's Pizza tycoon's plans for a Florida town free of birth-control and abortion services, and a Virginia woman who shot herself to induce an abortion.)

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