Exclusive Daily Download: "Absentminded," Spanova

By Salon Staff
March 17, 2006 1:01PM (UTC)
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This is from "History Is Bunk, Part 2," one of a series of samplers and compilations being released over the next couple of months by the great electronic music label Hefty, owned by John Hughes of Slicker, whose "Knock Me Down Girl" was a reader favorite from Wednesday Morning Download. Spanova is a popular Japanese electronic duo, and their music will be getting its first U.S. release by Hefty. This song starts off with a couple of minutes of lovely electronic and vocal ambience before adding a beat and a bass, turning impossibly, deliriously happy, and then finally fading into a little enchanted garden of gurgling voices that wouldn't sound out of place on an Animal Collective track.

-- T.B.

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