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Bush as batterer, Napoli as perv, "la pilule" as success -- and more.

By Lynn Harris
March 22, 2006 7:10PM (UTC)
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AlterNet: Bush as batterer.

The Economist: "Should there be a right to procreation, even if one of the parties withdraws consent? Or should there be an absolute right NOT to procreate?"

HuffPo: Rachel Sklar's still trying to give creepy S.D. Sen. Bill Napoli the media flogging he deserves.


New York Times: Coast Guard cadet accused of rape, other assaults.

Le Monde (en Français!): "Le vrai succès de la pilule du lendemain." Our tipster/translator summarizes: "The headline translates as 'The true success of the morning-after pill.' The morning-after pill has been available in France from a pharmacist without a prescription since 1999, and from school nurses since 2000. While 13.7 % of all sexually active women and 30.3 % of 15-19 year olds [unclear in the article whether that is only sexually active women 15-19] have used it, 'the morning-after pill has not led to a reduction in contraception use nor ... [to] unrestrained sexuality, as some feared.'"

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