Is Angelina flying too high?

Doctors, husband fret about risk to mini-Pitt.

By Lynn Harris
March 31, 2006 1:02PM (UTC)
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This week's Star magazine, in its ongoing and in-depth coverage of Brad's forthcoming offspring, turns this week to Angelina's hobby of flying her Cirrus two-seater, which she's continued to do well into the seventh month of her pregnancy. The Star piece poses the following question: "IS SHE CRAZY?" The consensus among doctors, psychologists and "sources" consulted for the article: pretty much. They warn of risks such as blood clots, diminished oxygen, premature labor and worried boyfriend. Brad, that is, reportedly also wishes that she'd slow down and keep her feet on the ground. "He's paying really close attention to her health," said a friend. Of course he is; he's Brad. And yet we wonder: Shouldn't we trust a mom-to-be with such decisions? Is the press just doing that thing where they love, then criticize, then love, then criticize pregnant women? What do Bradsheet readers think?

Lynn Harris

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