Silence in junk-science land

No fanfare for anti-environmentalist crusader Steve Milloy's crushing defeat.

By Andrew Leonard
April 4, 2006 2:47AM (UTC)
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Someone at the Free Enterprise Action Fund is asleep at the switch. I didn't get a press release announcing the abysmal failure of its shareholder resolution attacking Goldman Sachs' new, environmentally friendly corporate stance.

Specifically, the proposal asked that Goldman Sachs prepare a report investigating whether CEO Hank Paulson's involvement with environmental groups had improperly influenced Goldman Sachs' decision to embrace environmentalism. As noted here before, the Free Enterprise Action Fund has been quite vocal in the past about its "successes" in getting similar resolutions on corporate shareholder meeting agendas.


What can explain the deafening silence? Worried that I'd been dropped off the Free Enterprise Action Fund's mailing list for making too much fun of its bumbling antics, I went to its Web site to see if there was any news there. But nary a whisper did I find. Could it be that the Fund is embarrassed at how overwhelmingly Goldman Sachs' shareholders recognized the Fund's agenda as bogus. Only 178 votes were cast for the resolution, or less than one-tenth of a percent of the total shares voted.

Why hasn't infamous junk-science, "climate change and tobacco smoke are good for you" pundit-for-hire Steve Milloy been made available to speak about this? I don't understand it. The public has a right to know when a front group for corporations desperate to avoid being made accountable for their environmental sins fails so abjectly. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, no misstep by Steve Milloy and company goes unnoticed. Thanks to Treehugger for the tip about the vote, and thanks to Goldman Sachs shareholders for giving the Free Enterprise Action Fund exactly the amount of respect it deserves.

Andrew Leonard

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