Daily Download: "Fit Black Man," Skeletons & the Girl-Faced Boys

By Salon Staff
April 5, 2006 12:01PM (UTC)
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This track, by the arty band Skeletons & the Girl-Faced Boys, is off of a new compilation, "Idol Tryouts Two," from their adventurous label, Ghostly International, which has a large and amazingly consistent roster of largely experimental and electronic acts. Like the other songs of theirs I've heard, it's a beautifully made track of glitchy de-funked R&B pop that immediately brings to mind the work of Arto Lindsay, especially his '90s band the Ambitious Lovers, both in the precise, cold and clean sonics of it, and in the odd humor of the lyrics ("A fit black man/ In love with a fat white woman").

-- T.B.

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