Subway pervert exposed by cellphone photo

The bad news: Yucky raw-foods guru likes to flash unsuspecting bystanders. The good news: One woman took his photo, and he got caught.

By Page Rockwell
April 8, 2006 4:23AM (UTC)
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Possibly as an excuse to use the catchy headline "Onan the Vegetarian," the April 10 issue of New York magazine has a profile of raw-food enthusiast and subway flasher Dan Hoyt. (Be warned that the opening paragraphs of the piece describe a flashing incident and have a high yuck factor.) Hoyt was convicted of public lewdness on Feb. 27, after one of his flashing victims, Thao Nguyen, snapped his photo using her camera phone, took it to the police and then posted it on Laundromatic. The image wound up on the cover of the New York Post, and got Hoyt arrested. (He hasn't been sentenced yet, but he expects to get two years' probation.)

Hoyt seems to have learned approximately nothing from the experience; he's quoted in the profile saying that some women find being flashed arousing, and is angry that Nguyen took his picture and posted it. If Nguyen ever met him in person, he figures, "she'd probably want to go out with me."


Silver lining: Nguyen's ordeal inspired Broadsheet fave Holla Back NYC, which invites people who have been flashed or catcalled to turn the tables on their harassers by posting their photos online. "She's our princess," Holla Back cofounder Lauren Speers says. And Nguyen's feisty attitude makes our day. As she told New York mag, "He picked the wrong person to do this to."

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