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Pills, patches, Passover and more.

By Lynn Harris
April 12, 2006 1:37AM (UTC)
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Women's eNews: Why are some advocates for military women discrediting former Abu Ghraib commander Janis Karpinski's allegations about sexual assault of female soldiers?

Los Angeles Times: Christians sue for the right not to tolerate.

Los Angeles Times: "In nearly two decades of journalism, nothing has made my insides churn like seeing what my 13-year-old daughter and her friends are up to on MySpace.com."


New York Times: Ban sought on fat-blocking pill.

Brooklyn Rail: "Sisterhood Is Local: Offering Women an Abortion Haven."

Newsday: Problems cited with birth control patch, and others.

The Forward: The East Village Mamele on including kids, and a bissel "gender awareness," in the Passover Seder.

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