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Hopping through the Plame case, the president's taxes, Ann Coulter's gender and Rush Limbaugh's lie.

By Tim Grieve
April 15, 2006 12:27AM (UTC)
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We won't make it to the White House Easter Egg Roll this year, even though we'd love to see the nonspectacle of 200 or so gay families turning out for the event. Instead, we'll commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ -- there, Bill, we said it -- by cracking into some of these eggs:

Scooter Libby: In their court filing this week, lawyers for Libby drew a bright line between the leaks George W. Bush and Dick Cheney authorized and the leak Libby says they didn't. Bush, through Cheney, may have authorized Libby to leak classified information from the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, but Libby says he was never told to leak information about Valerie Plame. In a new story up at the National Journal, Murray Waas casts a little circumstantial-evidence doubt on all of that. Citing court records and interviews with people with firsthand knowledge of accounts provided to federal investigators, Waas says that Cheney talked with Libby aboard Air Force Two about how they might rebut Joseph Wilson's charges on the very same day that Libby talked about Valerie Plame with Judith Miller and Matthew Cooper.


Ben Domenech: His blog is gone, but his legend lives on -- at least in the mind of Rush Limbaugh. As Media Matters reports, Limbaugh said this week that Domenech lost his blogging gig after his editors "concocted some phony excuse that the guy that they had hired was a plagiarist." Anybody want to tell Rush that Domenech has admitted to being a plagiarist?

Ann Coulter: From the "Weirdest Story of the Week" Department comes the report from PageOneQ that Coulter failed to check either the "M" box or the "F" box when asked to state her gender on a Florida voter registration form. A transgender-rights advocate complains that there's no reason people should be forced to choose on such forms.

Cheney and Bush: We'll spend the rest of Good Friday doing our taxes, but the president and the vice president are already done. The Cheneys report gross income of $8.8 million but say that $6.9 million went straight to charity through an irrevocable arrangement made in 2001. That left them with taxable income of just under $2 million, on which they're paying about $530,000 in taxes. The Cheneys' tax bite isn't much more than George and Laura Bush made in 2005. The Bushes report taxable income of $618,694, and they're paying $187,768 to the IRS. The Bushes say they gave about $76,000 to charity.


Neil Young: There are those who would like to cut Bush's 2006 income by about, say, $400,000, and it seems that Neil Young is one of them. Word is that Young has just cut a new anti-Bush, antiwar album, which features a song that begins, "Let's impeach the president for lyin'."

Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on its way ...

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