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Teens in Kansas and South Dakota, Alabama women in prison, parents-to-be on vacation, and more.

By Lynn Harris
April 20, 2006 1:17AM (UTC)
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CentralOhio.com: Bill, still in committee, would make it a felony to have an abortion in Ohio -- or to leave Ohio for an abortion.

Kansas City Star: Teens' sexual privacy upheld in Kansas. (More here from Kaiser.)

Philadelphia Inquirer: I know tons of expecting parents who've taken a trip, quick, before the baby comes. Now, apparently, they're calling this a "babymoon."


Philadelphia Inquirer, again: Gwen Ifill, first woman and person of color to moderate PBS's Washington Week, says being a pioneer is no picnic.

Children's Press Line, via Alternet: Teens talk about unplanned pregnancies and the effect of the South Dakota abortion ban.

BBC: Are men addled by sexual distractions?


New York Observer: Jill Carroll, the book?

Al.com: Alabama seeks to reduce the number of women and girls in prison.

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