It's Women Leaders Day on the Drudge Report

Naked butts and bench-pressing. Thanks, Matt!

By Katharine Mieszkowski
April 21, 2006 12:32AM (UTC)
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Is this what the first female president of the United States has to look forward to?

Germany's first woman chancellor, Angela Merkel, was caught on camera with half of her naked butt hanging out, while she was changing into a bathing suit. The pictures were printed Monday in the Sun, a British tabloid, much to the horror of the German government and press. Thanks to America's equal-opportunity humiliator, Matt Drudge, one photo is online here.


(Note to EMILY'S List: Immediately advise all candidates to change only in pitch-black, secured dressing rooms.)

Drudge today also has this fun headline about a forthcoming profile of a former U.S. secretary of state: "NY TIMES MAG: Madeleine Albright Can Leg-Press 400 Pounds..." Follow the link to learn that 68-year-old Albright does not expect to remarry, in part because, as she puts it: "I'm intimidating, don't you think?"

Katharine Mieszkowski

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