Kiss Me, Caitlin!

Author Caitlin Flanagan flirts openly with Stephen Colbert.

April 20, 2006 10:22PM (UTC)

Wonder no more, Caitlin Flanagan fans! Your hero is just as smug and unsavory in person as she is on the page! Whether she's voicing her disdain for the feminists who risked their necks to make her cushy New Yorker job possible or coyly suggesting that she's the only wife on the planet who fucks her husband regularly, Flanagan has a real knack for provocation -- the ultra-feminine kind, of course. Looking like a cross between a preppy housewife and the helpful sister on a douche commercial, Flanagan was in full effect last night on "The Colbert Report," anxious to rag on married people who leave the house occasionally for dinner and a movie (Exsqueeze?) and more than willing to bask in praise and adoration (even the pretend kind) for her firmly held beliefs that women should be second-class citizens. Colbert (tongue-in-cheek): "You're a perfect woman!" Flanagan (deadly serious): "I've been told that."



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