Novak: Fitzgerald knows who leaked to me

But the columnist won't say whether he was the one who told the prosecutor.

By Tim Grieve
April 20, 2006 6:07PM (UTC)
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Robert Novak said in December that George W. Bush knows who it was that first leaked Valerie Plame's identity to him. Now he says that Patrick Fitzgerald knows, too.

In a talk in Chicago Wednesday, the Sun-Times columnist who first revealed Plame's name in print wouldn't say whether he revealed his source to the special prosecutor. "I'm not going to tell you because it's none of your damn business," he said. "The question is, does Mr. Fitzgerald know who the source was? Of course. He's known for years who the first source is. If he knows the source, why didn't he indict him? Because no crime was committed."


Fitzgerald also knows who the second source was: Karl Rove.

Tim Grieve

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