Daily Download: "Away," Kathleen Edwards

Ten free downloads from alt-country artist Kathleen Edwards

By Salon Staff
April 26, 2006 12:01PM (UTC)
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I was somewhat astonished to discover that Kathleen Edwards has five MP3s from each of her two releases posted for free download in the music section of her Web site. Edwards is a Canadian songwriter who tries quite hard to sound like a Southern songwriter -- and succeeds. She turns out rarely exciting but always unimpeachably good, straightforward alt country that has earned her way too many comparisons to Lucinda Williams, a far more inconsistent, bilious and brilliant artist with whom Edwards shares not much more than some vocal affectations and a penchant for heart-wrecked songs. She has posted some of her best songs: "Six O'Clock News" (her catchiest), "Back to Me," "National Steel" and my current favorite, "Away" (link below), which strips back some of the generic alt-country accompaniment to spotlight Edwards' greatest asset, her exceptionally beautiful voice.

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