Sugar Baby Love

Who would've expected to be this moved by a safe-sex ad?

By Kl

Published May 2, 2006 9:21PM (EDT)

The AIDS awareness campaigns of our youth were grim. There were the half-naked, porn-y looking young men leering at us from bus shelter ads that seemed to suggest either a). the virus can be carried in the sexiest of packages, or b). condoms really, really turn this dude on. Or there were the teeth-grindingly earnest ones -- like today's ubiquitous We All Have AIDS ads (memo to Whoopi, Rosie and Tom: No you don't) or that Jimmy Fallon PSA. They all just make us flinch and turn quickly away. So when we saw this great new three-minute cartoon by Wilfred Brimo, set to The Rubettes' 1974 classic "Sugar Baby Love" and part of a French AIDS awareness campaign, we could only wonder: What if all safe-sex ads were this fun (and sensible, romantic and moving)? (Check out the great one he made in 2005 here.)

By Kl


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