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May 9, 2006 5:30PM (UTC)

David Blaine didn't break the world record for holding his breath last night, falling nearly two minutes short (he lasted 7 minutes, 8 seconds; the record is 8 minutes 58 seconds). The real losers, though, were the people who tuned into ABC's padded two-hour event coverage only for a 7-minute anti-climax. Isn't it easier watching it like this, so you can fast-forward through the melodramatic drone of "Adagio for Strings"? Blaine gave a rather tearful thanks to fans, that we'll put up later, and which we found affecting. Maybe it's because we tagged along for a rather doomed interview with Blaine, but the whole spectacle put a spell on us, too. (Did we just really write that? Yes, yes we did.)

So we've put together a little Blaine compilation for you below. The best thing about Blaine is really the way he seems to completely freak out the people watching him. Sure, the magic's cool, but the real special effect is the reaction he gets from his audience.


Last night:

The big video portals are filled with amateur Blaine video from the past week, like this, capturing him doing a backflip:

His levitation trick:

A beer can trick:

A classic chicken-head gag:

Cigarette through a coin ("Wow!"):

A real gross-out with Carson Daly:



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