The question of Rove, now waiting for Snow

McClellan said Rove "assured" him he wasn't involved in outing Plame. Rove won't talk about it now.

Tim Grieve
May 15, 2006 9:14PM (UTC)

Tony Snow will hold his first televised White House press briefing Tuesday, and we're sure he'd like for all of the questions to be about the immigration speech George W. Bush is going to deliver tonight. Not to spoil his fun, but we've got another idea.

Actually, the Nation's David Corn beat us to it.


Karl Rove gave a speech at the American Enterprise Institute this morning, and Corn asked him the same question we'd like to hear Snow answer: Why did Scott McClellan say nearly three years ago that Rove had "assured" him that he wasn't involved in leaking Valerie Plame's identity when the evidence shows that he was? "Can you explain why the American public ... hasnt been given an explanation?" Corn asked. "And don't you think it deserves one for that misinformation?"

Rove's response? He referred Corn to the statement his attorney made on April 26 -- the one in which he said that Rove had been told he's "not a target" of Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation -- and said that he had nothing further to add. "Nice try, though," Rove said with a smirk. Think Progress has the video.

Tim Grieve

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