Scottsdale vs. Pink Taco

Pink Taco, the restaurant. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Published May 24, 2006 4:13PM (EDT)

We've been so distracted over here by tidings of the "new and improved" Hooters in Greensboro, N.C., that somehow we missed the following breaking news from Scottsdale, Ariz. The "upscale city" appears to be up in arms, if you can call the complaints of six people "up in arms," about the planned June opening there of a branch of the Las Vegas-based "Mexican" restaurant chain Pink Taco. (Slogan: "Eating out never tasted so good.") Why the kerfuffle? Because whatever dirty images popped into your head when you read that are exactly what the owners have in mind. Verily, "nearly half a dozen people ... recently expressed their objection to the name, claiming it's a derogatory slang term for a portion of the female anatomy," reported the Associated Press/Yahoo. According to the Arizona Republic, Mayor Mary Manross went so far as to ask the company CEO to change the name.

"I don't appreciate anything that offends more than half the population," Manross said. "But he said no and heard my concern. I really didn't want to see a business with that name opening anywhere here." If I were mayor, I might have added something like, "I'd sooner cut the ribbon for a seedy XXX video store, which at least doesn't dress up dumbass sexist snickering as 'fun for the whole family.'"

Pink Taco CEO Harry Morton defends the name, borrowed from a signature menu (PDF) item (which, by the way, doesn't strike me as at all pink), as "tongue-in-cheek," "amusing" and "catchy." To say nothing of classy! "You've got to stand out from the rest of the crowd," he added. Not to worry, Morty, you do. At least 'til they open up a Bearded Clam over in Tempe.

By Lynn Harris

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