The gay boogeyman's gonna git ya!

A gay scare film that could've come straight from the Bush White House!

By Kl

Published June 5, 2006 9:26PM (EDT)

It's the 25th anniversary of the first reports of AIDS. What better day to stump for a ban on same-sex marriage!

Hey, don't be sad. This is what politicians do. They suss out our cheapest, most irrational fears and stoke them into barnfires that blot out everything that really matters, from Iraq and Iran to, let's see, government corruption. But all is not lost. We're smarter than that. Our politicians want us dumb and angry, but we grow more tolerant. We go and see "Brokeback Mountain" and cry. Out of the scourge of AIDS we turn gay marriage from "implausible to inevitable." And we turn this fear-mongering scare short, "Boys Beware" (1961), into a camp classic, laughing at the stupidity of it, and grateful that we live in a different world today.

By Kl


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