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Gay marriage, Plan B, Ivy League self-mutilation and more 

Published June 5, 2006 8:57PM (EDT)

Washington Post: Pres. Bush reiterates support for constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages, but it's expected to fail in the Senate.

Associated Press: U.S. State Dept. demands Germany step up fight against prostitutes coming for the soccer World Cup, saying many are sex slaves trafficked from Eastern Europe.

Seattle Times: Washington state board proposes allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense Plan B as long as they don't "obstruct" patients from getting it elsewhere.

Reuters: Combination hormone treatment for symptoms of menopause may affect mental functioning.

HealthDay News: Experimental drug Tykerb may delay progression of some breast cancers.

Associated Press: A shocking 17 percent of students at Cornell and Princeton have self-mutilated.

The New York Times: Maxim Magazine will lend its name to a Vegas hotel. Where will they find scantily-clad women and boorish frat boys?

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards

Sarah Elizabeth Richards is a journalist based in New York. She can be reached at sarah@saraherichards.com.

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