Paris Holiday

Dexterous headliners Hen and Bunny take on a particularly tense scene from "The Sopranos."

By H.h.

Published June 7, 2006 12:38AM (EDT)

Filming on location in gay Paris was certainly a treat for noted thespians Hen and Bunny, but more inspiring than the wine, food, and local culture was this very poignant material from "The Sopranos." "I strained to bring Carmela's existential curiosity to the small screen," offers Bunny. "She only wants to taste the pain and suffering of others. We're alike in that way." But Hen admits to being distracted by the surroundings. "One of the waiters kept telling me how good I would taste, fried in goose fat," Hen tells us. "I don't think he was just trying to be sexy, either."

By H.h.


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