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Cruise sits atop Forbes power list. Brandon Davis blames tirade on drugs. Plus: Britney breaks down.

Published June 16, 2006 1:30PM (EDT)

Morning Briefing:
Even Forbes is convinced by the power of Cruise: Forbes magazine announced its annual most-powerful-celebrity list, and Tom Cruise sits on top, ahead of Oprah and the Rolling Stones. It may seem like a bizarre choice, but as AFP reports, Forbes has a fairly strict method: "Forbes based its list on income between June 2005 and June 2006, on the number of hits each received on Google Internet searches, mentions in the press, television and radio as well as the number of cover photos in 26 major US magazines." More interesting, though, is the people who didn't make the list: As Fox 411 writes, Madonna -- who was No. 8 last year -- is nowhere to be found, and neither are Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, Lance Armstrong, Will Ferrell or Lindsay Lohan. (Forbes, AFP, Fox 411)

Brandon Davis does rehab as penance: Still suffering from the fallout of his stomach-churning "Lindsay Lohan is a fire crotch" tirade that paparazzi caught on tape last month, Brandon Davis is now blaming it all on drugs and has checked himself into rehab. It may not have really been his decision, though, writes Page Six: "While the unemployed Brandon is balking at entering a rehab facility because he thinks he doesn't have a drug or alcohol problem, his family wants him to go for public-relations reasons. Ever since the video surfaced, the Davis family has been shunned by young Hollywood, and matriarch Barbara Davis is even having problems getting A-listers to participate in her annual Carousel Ball in October." Or, he may be doing it for a far more selfish reason, because -- awww! -- he can't get into Los Angeles clubs. As the New York Observer reports:

"Not tonight, Brandon" was the verdict on Saturday from the doorman at the nightclub Hyde.

"What are you talking about?" said Mr. Davis, according to an onlooker. Mr. Davis had, among others, his brother and Sonia Kinski, daughter of Nastassja, in tow. The doorman said it again. "Not tonight, Brandon. Tonight's not your night."

"He was shocked," said the onlooker, who was in line behind Mr. Davis. "This might have been the first time someone has ever told him no."

(Perez Hilton, Page Six, N.Y. Observer)

No engagement rings for Aniston: Us Weekly investigates the recent rumor that Jennifer Aniston has gotten engaged to Vince Vaughn -- a rumor spurred, apparently, by the rings she's been wearing on the current "Break-Up" publicity tour through Europe -- and debunks the whole thing through the magic of reporting. As it turns out, the rings in the photos from the movie's London and Hamburg premieres are just loaners from Fred Leighton and Bulgari, and Aniston's publicist insists: "Jennifer is not engaged." (Us Online)

"South Park" responds to the MPAA: David Poland at the Hot Blog has dug up Matt Stone's old but amazing "favorite memo ever," a six-point list about changes and nonchanges made to the 1999 "South Park" movie in response to MPAA concerns. Though he and co-creator Trey Parker had to make some concessions -- "We took out the entire 'God has fucked me in the ass so many times ...' It is gone" -- there were certain lines they would not cross: "We left in the scenes with Cartman's mom and the horse as per our conversation. This is one joke we really want to fight for." (The Hot Blog via Defamer)

We're yet to see any photographic proof of Suri, but according to sources at the National Enquirer, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are rarin' to get started in on baby No. 2, and Holmes may already be pregnant. (National Enquirer) ... Us Weekly's recent Janet Jackson weight-loss issue has become the bestselling issue the magazine's ever had. (Perez Hilton) ... Though it's not out until July 7, "Pirates of the Caribbean" is already predicted to have the biggest opening-weekend box office of all time. (Deadline Hollywood) ... Ed Bradley of "60 Minutes" finalized his new contract with CBS after what was reportedly a drawn-out negotiation. "I just signed for three years," said Bradley, 64. "I'm a happy camper." (Lowdown) ... Britney Spears turned on the waterworks toward the end of her interview with Matt Lauer on Thursday's "Today" show when he asked her what she'd say to the paparazzi. Through tears, Spears managed to say: "I would just say, 'You have babies at home, and you have a wife, and if you don't, you have to realize that we're people and we just need privacy and we need our respect and these are just things you have to have as a human being.'" (People)

Money Quote:
Dustin Hoffman on how he first found his way into acting: "A friend told me to take acting, and I asked him, 'Why? I don't want to act.' And he said, 'Because no one failed acting.'" ("Inside the Actors Studio" via Page Six)

-- Scott Lamb

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-- Lamar Clarkson

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