Star struck!

Barbara Walters one-ups Star Jones' surprise announcement with a surprise announcement of her own.

By H.h.

Published June 28, 2006 6:39PM (EDT)

Meow! We knew the women of "The View" liked to scrap openly, but today, Barbara Walters really showed her claws. After Star Jones announced unexpectedly on the show yesterday that she had chosen to leave the program, Walters turned around today with a surprise announcement of her own: "Star, you're fired!" She revealed to the audience that Jones was only leaving because ABC hadn't renewed her contract, and that, thanks to Jones' little surprise and her recent comments, she wouldn't be appearing on the show ever again. So there! It's funny that Jones was given permission to say whatever she wanted to the press and to pretend she wasn't canned, but then when she criticized the addition of Rosie O'Donnell to the show, a woman who's criticized her in the past, she was not only shown the door but publicly shamed in the process. Sure, Walters tries to sound vaguely magnanimous, but we get the message: "'The View' made Star a star, and this is how she thanks us! Smell ya later, sister!"

By H.h.


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