Tom DeLay, the sequel?

A source close to the former House majority leader says he'll run and run hard if the courts won't let him off the November ballot.

Published July 10, 2006 1:36PM (EDT)

Don't count the Hammer out.

Although Tom DeLay has resigned from the House of Representatives and announced that he won't seek reelection, a source close to the indicted Republican tells Time that he'll run and run hard if an appeals court doesn't overturn a lower court ruling that has kept his name on the November ballot.

Won't that be a little difficult? Well, you'd think.

Indicted in one criminal case and floating around the center of another, DeLay could single-handedly breathe new life into the Democrats' "culture of corruption" theme if he gets back into the race. He's short on funds, as these things go -- as Time notes, he's got under $1 million left in his campaign treasury. Oh, and then there's this: When he hasn't been busy making beaver jokes, DeLay has been testifying under oath that he is a resident of Virginia and not of the Sugar Land, Texas, district he once represented.

By Tim Grieve

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