Tom DeLay, the sequel?

A source close to the former House majority leader says he'll run and run hard if the courts won't let him off the November ballot.

By Tim Grieve

Published July 10, 2006 1:36PM (EDT)

Don't count the Hammer out.

Although Tom DeLay has resigned from the House of Representatives and announced that he won't seek reelection, a source close to the indicted Republican tells Time that he'll run and run hard if an appeals court doesn't overturn a lower court ruling that has kept his name on the November ballot.

Won't that be a little difficult? Well, you'd think.

Indicted in one criminal case and floating around the center of another, DeLay could single-handedly breathe new life into the Democrats' "culture of corruption" theme if he gets back into the race. He's short on funds, as these things go -- as Time notes, he's got under $1 million left in his campaign treasury. Oh, and then there's this: When he hasn't been busy making beaver jokes, DeLay has been testifying under oath that he is a resident of Virginia and not of the Sugar Land, Texas, district he once represented.

Tim Grieve

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