And who would that be, Karl?

Rove seems to say that whoever leaked Plame's identity should be fired.

Published July 10, 2006 4:18PM (EDT)

It's hard to know what to make of this without a transcript, but Karl Rove gave what sure seemed to be a curious answer to a question about Valerie Plame last week. At an Aspen Institute event, Walter Isaacson told Rove that, if someone in the Clinton administration had outed a CIA officer, Rove and his friends on the right would be "sending people to demand impeachment." Rove's response? The Aspen Times says that Rove said that, after "careful, thoughtful, aggressive investigation," the person responsible for the Plame leak ought to be fired.

"Have confidence in the process," he said.

It all sounded vaguely like there's still something more to come. But as Joe Sudbay notes today at AMERICAblog, there's one small problem here. We know for sure of only two people who leaked Plame's identity. One of them is Scooter Libby, who doesn't work for the Bush administration anymore and therefore can't be fired. The other is . . . Karl Rove.

By Tim Grieve

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