Travel destinations come alive with Salon's 'Literary Guide to the World

Travelers to receive enhanced and more in-depth information on popular and unique travel destinations as a result of a sponsorship agreement between Salon and the Travel Channel.

Published July 18, 2006 7:10PM (EDT)

July 18, 2006 -- Sophisticated and novice travelers alike now have access to destination information on a higher plateau than ever before with the launch of Salon's "Literary Guide to the World." The new section on, sponsored by the Travel Channel via an upfront commitment, introduces features essays by noted writers about their favorite domestic and international travel destinations and the literature that brings these destinations to life.

"Literary Guide to the World," an interactive website within Salon, launches with eight features from writers including best-selling author Alexandra Fuller, writing about Zimbabwe; Booker Prize-winner John Banville, about Ireland; and acclaimed young novelist Tony D'Souza, on Havana. Other debut destinations include Martha's Vineyard, Arizona, Togo, Spitalfields and Whitechapel in London (following the literary trail of Jack the Ripper), and vivid literature on Vietnam including its beauty, culture and people, as well as some of the best writing on the Vietnam war and its impact on the landscape, history and the world.

"'Literary Guide to the World' will become the ultimate companion for the well-read traveler," says Salon Editor in Chief Joan Walsh. "This is much more than a typical destination tour book. Readers will experience a virtual cultural immersion in each destination through multiple platforms on our site."

The interactive journey begins on a large, colorful world map that allows the reader to click on the destination of their choice. Visitors can download content for Podcasts, and a Real Networks player will be integrated to play music. Readers will be able to contribute their own suggestions in real time about each destination, offering their own picks or musing on the choices made by Salon's expert writers. In addition, the essays' authors will recommend further reading material that will define each location.

Sponsorship for this innovative program is provided by the Travel Channel as part of their "Be a Traveler" campaign which promotes a mix of new and existing programming. When the Travel Channel began looking for media partnerships that reach a travel-impassioned audience, Salon's savvy, well-traveled readers as well as its unique literary guide idea made the sponsorship a great opportunity for both companies and a major coup for travelers around the world. As part of the Salon sponsorship program, the Travel Channel's "Be a Traveler" campaign receives main site pass advertising, banners, video ads and sponsorship of Salon's Video Dog video blog. The Travel Channel program runs through December.

Salon will roll out two new locations weekly during the summer and one per week in the fall, focusing on cities and regions that include major U.S. destinations and popular European and Eastern European cities and countries as well as more far-flung spots. The goal is to cover at least 70 destinations.

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