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Buffy, birth control, beauty-pageant peacemaking, and more.

Published July 19, 2006 8:55PM (EDT)

TMZ.com: At least Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon are friends.

TomPaine.com, via Alternet: New welfare rules promise to keep women in poverty.

AP: Okay, now the protesters in Mississippi have really lost it.

Reuters: The new Norplant: implantable contraception approved.

Christian Science Monitor: NOW celebrates its fortieth anniversary.

New York Times: When it comes to abstinence-only curricula, "the money tail wags the educational dog."

Deadline Hollywood Daily: Ouster of top female Hollywood exec raises eyebrows.

Argus Leader: South Dakota's abortion ban has divided the medical community.

Reuters/Yahoo: "Misyar" marriage-lite in Saudi Arabia: who really benefits?

Irish Examiner: Speaking of frozen embryos, a man in Ireland has won the right to prevent his now-estranged wife from using theirs to conceive again.

Ishbadiddle: Oh no, she didn't. Actually, she really probably didn't.

Entertainment Weekly: Buffy -- and the new slayer army -- are back, in a new Joss Whedon comic.

By Lynn Harris

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