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Madonna eyeing adoption? Reality TV writers of the world, unite! Plus: Colin Farrell to give up kissing strangers.

Published July 21, 2006 1:30PM (EDT)

Morning Briefing:
Madonna to adopt? Not that she's busy or anything managing her current behemoth world tour, but Madonna's rumored to be planning to expand her family via adoption with her husband, Guy Ritchie. Her father-in-law, John Ritchie, spilled the beans to In Touch Weekly, saying, "Nothing would make me happier than if they adopt," and implying that the move is also part of a plan to keep their marriage working: "It is the children that keep them together," he told the mag. Another source for the magazine says the couple have started the process with an adoption agency in California and "are currently undergoing an evaluation typical of adoptive parents." (Female First)

"America's Next Top Model" has writers? With the CW -- the new hybrid network made up of the remains of the WB and UPN -- launching in the fall, "America's Next Top Model" is set to be one of the channel's flagship shows, providing it can manage to smooth things out with its writers. On Thursday, the show's writers walked off the job for an hour; they're threatening to strike, alleging that the show's producers won't let them join the Writers Guild of America, West. "They want a guild contract, but their employer won't give it to them," Writers Guild president Patric M. Verrone told the Los Angeles Times. He says it may be just the first of many actions reality TV writers will take if not compensated fairly for their work. (Los Angeles Times)

Haley Joel Osment was hospitalized after hitting a pillar and flipping his car while driving home early Thursday morning. No word on the 18-year-old actor's condition yet, but there is one interesting tidbit: His car is -- or rather was -- an 11-year-old Saturn. (Us Online) ... Recent reports have had her either living on the streets or lying in a hospital bed at death's door, but Splash has paparazzi shots to prove Natasha Lyonne is indeed alive, and not obviously homeless. (Splash News) ... JJ Abrams -- creator of "Lost" and "Alias" and the guy who directed "Mission: Impossible III" -- has confirmed there will be another "Star Trek" movie: "I'm producing and may direct. I have every DVD of every 'Star Trek' episode from every series." (WENN via IMDB) ... The new James Bond film starring the much-maligned Daniel Craig won't be out until November, but things must have gone well: He has signed on for a second Bond film, due out in May 2008. (BBC News) ... On the heels of its apology to Britney Spears on Wednesday (for a false story about the demise of her marriage), now the U.K. version of the National Enquirer has lost a libel suit to Kate Hudson over its story that she was "painfully thin" and that her mother, Goldie Hawn, pleaded with her to "eat something!" (E! Online) ... As the "never before seen" shots from the latest OK! magazine would seem to prove, Angelina Jolie was stunning even way back in 1991. (Just Jared)

Money Quote:
Colin Farrell on trying to change his ways: "I've given up a lot of things in my life and kissing strangers is one of them. It would just go on and on. There's so many of them." (Contact Music)

-- Scott Lamb

Turn On:
Friday, Dr. Laura Berman counsels couples on their sex lives in the premiere of "Sexual Healing" (Showtime, 10 p.m. EDT), and G4 goes live to "Comic-Con 2006" (8 p.m. EDT), the annual comic book convention in San Diego. Saturday, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx host the special "Miami Vice Undercover" (NBC, 8 p.m. EDT), with a rebroadcast of the original pilot and footage from the upcoming movie. Sunday, it's the series finale of "Chappelle's Show" (Comedy Central, 9 p.m. EDT) and the season finale of "My Fair Brady" (VH1, 9 p.m. EDT).

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Larry King (CNN, 9 p.m. EDT): Lewis Black
Charlie Rose (PBS, check local listings): Steve Case
David Letterman (CBS, 11:30 p.m. EDT): Donald Trump, Nick Griffin, Sam Roberts
Jay Leno (NBC, 11:35 p.m. EDT): Tina Fey, Cris Collinsworth, Jerome Bettis
Conan O'Brien (NBC, 12:35 a.m. EDT): Al Gore, Paul Giamatti
Craig Ferguson (CBS, 12:35 a.m. EDT): Tom Lennon, Jewel (repeat)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC, 12:05 a.m. EDT): Allison Janney, Morgan Spurlock, Jurassic 5

-- Lamar Clarkson

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