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Elizabeth Smart vs. Nancy Grace, policewoman turned prostitute, what women want in a cellphone and more.

Published July 21, 2006 11:30PM (EDT)

Crooks and Liars: Elizabeth Smart wants to talk about the proposed national sex-offender registry. Nancy Grace wants Smart to relive the icky details of her kidnapping. Smart wins.

BBC: An Auckland, New Zealand, policewoman supplemented her income by working as a prostitute. Prostitution is legal in N.Z., but still, the police force asked her to choose another second job.

AllAfrica: Liberian police chief asks Muslim women not to wear veils in public because of security risk.

Wireless Week: Yet more research on what women want in a cellphone.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Welcome strides for women's health! Editorial congratulating the FDA and the CDC for approving the human papilloma virus vaccine for girls and women 11-26.

Philadelphia Inquirer, with kind of a strange nonstory story: Domestic-violence prevention groups don't plan to protest Brett Myers' first game. Myers, who's a pitcher for the Phillies, was charged with domestic assault and battery of his wife last month.

New Scientist, via Nerve: RU-486 can be used as a fast-acting treatment for depression.

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